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Hobbyking SkyRay FPV Flying Wing 1213mm EPO (Kit)

von Hobby King
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Hobby King
The Hobbyking SkyRay Flying Wing FPV Model has been designed from the outset to be a great FPV platform with a large center bay, simple layout and good flight characteristics at the same time as being a manageable size for easy transport.
Predictable behaviour and good lift characteristics are the key to any model and the 1213mm swept reflex wing provides for this while allowing the SkyRay to be agile enough to make a great looking sport model too.
The recommended 2212 2200kv brushless outrunner motor provides plenty of power for high speed and aerobatic flight, but is perfectly happy pushing the model along at low revs for endurance during long-range FPV flights. Designed to use a 3 cell 2200~4200 LiPoly battery the SkyRay was a wide wing loading range for maximum flexibility.
Optional streamlined or clear, acrylic dome FPV nose cones add further flexibility to the models performance, providing a choice between a top mounted camera (such as the Mobius or HD Wingcam) or an internally mounted action camera (Turnigy Action Cam or GoPro type.)
For more serious FPV work, the large internal space has room to fit a GPS autopilot system, transforming the SkyRay into a self-contained platform for all manner of missions!
Discover the world from a different point of view with this ideal introduction to FPV flying.
Optional sport and FPV nose cones
Huge equipment bay
3 additional molded equipment platforms
Optional rudder control
Long flight times
Fast and simple assembly

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