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Super Decathlon Aerobatic Trainer EPO 1400mm (PNF)

von Hobby King
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Hobby King
Our Super Decathlon features an interesting mix of construction. The fuselage is a ultra durable blow molded plastic, with the wings and tail molded of EPO foam. Arriving as a plug and fly model, the Super Decathlon can be prepared for flight in about an hour of work. It requires no glue to construct as it is all bolt or screw together. The pre-installed 4023 1000kv motor provides ample power for sport aerobatics all on the very common 3S 11.1V 2200mAh lipo. Accessing that lipo is very easy through a hatch on the bottom of the airplane. No need to pull the wing off just to change packs. Though a sport scale model, the Super Decathlon features scale wing struts and cockpit detail including pilot.
Flying the Super Decathlon is great with its large wing it will float around nicely at slower speeds, but apply full throttle and jam the sticks in the corners and she comes alive. With a little bit of aileron differential she rolls very easily, and has plenty of rudder authority. Take off and landing is a breeze thanks to the steerable tail wheel and wide set main gear. Lower the flaps to really slow down for smooth, precise landings.
This classic aerobatic model is available now. The traditional red/white scheme looks good in the air and on the ground. A small amount of work is all that is needed to make this classic ready to go!
Plug and Fly - Just add radio sytem, battery and fly!
Blow molded plastic fuselage with EPO wings and tail
All bolt together construction, no glue required
Easy access bottom hatch for quick battery changes
Partial scale cockpit
Two piece wings with scale strut detail
Rugged aluminum landing gear
Working wing flaps for nice slow landings

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