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Laser Pegs 57-in-1 Dragon Building Set by Laser Pegs

von Laser Pegs
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Laser Pegs
Laser Pegs are the only lighted construction set in the universe! Build 57 light-up airplanes, sharks, boats, trucks, animals and space shuttles with the Laser Pegs Dragon kit. This construction set comes with 35 Laser Pegs, 225 transparent construction parts the 3D Lite Board, a flat panel with 40 female connection points on its surface. Just snap any Laser Pegs shape into one of the female points to light up the LED. As you build, each piece feeds the next shape through a low voltage current that safely illuminates the enclosed LED. Just install 3 AA batteries (not included) and push the red button to cycle through 4 light settings: Slow Flash, Fast Flash, Solid Light and off. The board also acts as a storage bin to hold all your pegs when play is done. 100% Compatible with Other Major Construction Kits!

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