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Preisvergleich Produktbild Silverlit 84540 - 4 Kanal Quadrocopter Space Galaxy mit Gyro, 2.4 GHz

Silverlit 84540 - 4 Kanal Quadrocopter Space Galaxy mit Gyro, 2.4 GHz

von Silverlit
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81,21 €
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Futuristic flight from Silverlit, featuring the innovative four channel 2.4GHz Space Galaxy gyro stabilised miniature quadrocopter, representing a remarkably manoeuvrable UFO for flying indoors or outside. Comprising four horizontal main rotors to take off and land like a helicopter, plus four channel proportional radio, for full directional controlThe Space Galaxy is made of tough injection moulded materials, with four rings provided to protect the propellers, plus two pairs of red and green LED lights to assist orientation. Easy and fun for both beginners and enthusiasts to fly, simply steer the spaceship by moving the transmitter joy stick left or right, whilst operating the throttle to take off, hover and land.The quadrocopter incorporates a powerful lithium polymer battery and will fly for up to ten minutes, whilst recharging direct from the transmitter in less than half an hour. The amazing Space Galaxy is available in three stunning styles, with 2.4GHz technology to support up to ten similar models at the same time.Silverlits attractive Power in Air packaging includes a fully assembled quadrocopter supplied ready-to-fly, complete with a pre-installed four channel proportional 2.4GHz radio control system, and an informative flight manual. As the assortment varies, we are unable to guarantee which colour product you will receive. Requires 8 x AA alkaline batteries (not included).

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