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Preisvergleich Produktbild Funny Chupa Chups ice candy cola color (japan import)

Funny Chupa Chups ice candy cola color (japan import)

von Takara Tomy Arts
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Takara Tomy Arts
About 6cm diameter! Taste of surprise! Can make a BIG delicious ice popsicles funny! Chaps by Chupa, Chupa Chaps is dedicated ice-making machine. You can make a funny ice candy by dissolving Chupa Chaps easily by using the rotating equipment and Chupa dedicated container and place in freezer. You can eat while turning round and round on the BIG ice! rotation apparatus of about 60mm diameter! ice that can be can enjoy a taste of infinity by a combination of drink and taste of your favorite Chupa Chaps. [How to make simple: 1. Is placed in a container Chupa Chaps, 2 and put the milk etc ... and lukewarm water. (Dissolve quickly in the high-speed rotation!) Dissolve the Chupa Chaps by using a rotating device 3. IN 4 in the refrigerator. !! x 1 container Chupa contents set eat round and round in the low-speed rotation voila, Chupa bar x 1, rotating equipment x 1, funnel x 1, cap x 1 Package size: W110 x H110 x D110mm

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