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Preisvergleich Produktbild Blaze und die Monster Maschinen dtk34 Light & Launch Hyper Loop Spielset

Blaze und die Monster Maschinen dtk34 Light & Launch Hyper Loop Spielset

von Blaze and the Monster Machines
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Blaze and the Monster Machines
It s time to pump up the Hyper loop so Blaze and friends can light up and save the day in axle city place Blaze in the Hyper loop and Charge it up using the lever to activate the speed lights Once it s all charged up press the release button and the Hyper loop whips Blaze into an awesome 360 degree rotation and sends him blazing down the track For more ways to play change the final obstacle to a spinner a seesaw or a jump move the structure to different points on the playset for over 9 exit combinations with light launch Hyper loop kids explore the STEM principle of kinetic energy Kinetic energy is energy in motion When Blaze launches out of the Hyper loop and keeps speeding forward that s kinetic energy at work this set also comes with a uniquely decorated translucent light Rider Blaze vehicle Your child can attach the light launch Hyper loop to the tunnels that come with any of light Rider vehicles as well as other Blaze playsets and accessories Each sold separately and subject to availability

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