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Heller 80438 Modellbausatz Airbus A 380

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Heller Kit-A-380 Airbus
ModelLength : 58.2 cm
Width : 63.8 cm
BoxWidth : 56 cm
Height : 38 cm
Depth : 10 cm
On 18 January 2005, in the giant Jean-Luc Lagardère assembly hall in Toulouse, Airbus officially presented
the A380, the largest passenger jumbo jet ever designed, sporting new colours specially created for the occasion.
On 27 April 2005 at 10.29am local time (8:29am UTC), the first A380 (MSN - Manufacture Serial Number - 001),
registered F-WWOW, took off from Toulouse-Blagnac for its first flight lasting 3 hours and 54 minutes, without a hitch.
Measuring 73 m in length, the A-380 is as long as eight buses, as tall as a seven-storey block of flats, weighs as
much as 500 medium-sized cars and can fit 70 private cars on its wings. These extraordinary characteristics will
require a special lay-out in airports intending to welcome it (runway width, splitting of loading satellites). Thanks to
the cutting-edge techniques that have been used for its manufacture and motorization, the A-380 consumes 12%
less fuel than the Boeing 747-400. It is easy to fly since its controls are deliberately the same as those in other Airbus
planes. Fifteen or so companies currently stand to acquire the A-380. The first planes will go to Singapore, then to
Qantas (Australia) and Emirates respectively.(First flight)
FEATURES Four jet engines: Rolls-Royce Trent 900
Length: 73.00 m
Wing span: 79.80 m
Height: 24.10 m
Max. weight at take-off: 421,000 kg

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