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Preisvergleich Produktbild Mattel Hot Wheels X3152 - Apptivity iCar Bone Shaker, Digitales Rennspiel für iPad

Mattel Hot Wheels X3152 - Apptivity iCar Bone Shaker, Digitales Rennspiel für iPad

von Mattel
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Immersive racing action for Hot Wheels fans! Blending physical and digital play, this Apptivity set comes with a 1:64-scale car that unlocks three exciting games in the free iPad app, so kids can speed, smash, and crash their way through the Hot Wheels Test Facility! Boys will love seeing how fast, how far, and how high they can take their Hot Wheels car!View larger. Take the Racing Action to a Digital Level! Now kids can use a real-life, 1:64 scale Hot Wheels car on their iPad â€" for the coolest combination of physical and digital play! With its sleek finish and conductive base, the Apptivity Bone Shaker vehicle is designed to be used with the free downloadable app, which lets players explore top-secret locations in the Hot Wheels Test Facility. With three included games and multiple opportunities for fast maneuvering and massive crashes, this interactive car and app will thrill your racing fan with hours of revved-up fun! Easy to Download and Amp Up To get started, simply download the free Apptivity Hot Wheels app, tap on the app, place your vehicle on the screen, and youâ€TMre ready to race! The special Active Touch technology integrated in the vehicle interacts with the app, so kids can customize their driving style, swerve past obstacles, embark on search-and-destroy missions, or just cut loose and burn rubber around the racetrack. Apptivity car features special screen-safe plastic that won't scratch tablet surface.View larger. Unlock All the Awesome Action The included Bone Shaker vehicle features a unique ability â€" rattling nerves! â€" thatâ€TMs unlocked as you play the three action-packed games at different levels. You can also earn awesome vehicle upgrades to customize and enhance your experience. To expand the speeding-smashing play, collect all the Apptivity Hot Wheels cars (sold sep

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