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Cool Mini Or Not GUG0035 Zombicide Season 3 rote Würfel

von Cool Mini or Not
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Cool Mini or Not

The iconic Fire Mario character is perfectly recaptured in this soft plush toy. Fire Mario captures Mario outside of his usual red and blue outfit making him a perfect item for fans looking for a stand out piece to add to their collection. Perfect when combined with the Yoshi Blue, Yoshi Yellow, Toad Blue and Toad Yellow plush for an extra cuddly occasion. This plush has been made with high grade fabrics making him extra cuddly and is officially licensed by Nintendo.

Mario has been starring in games since 1981 and over 30 years later is still as fresh and exciting as ever. He has appeared in over 200 titles and is the best-selling video game star of all time, notching over 210 million unit sales to date. His popularity has spread via numerous cross-over projects including TV shows, comics and even films and lead to Mario becoming a cultural icon.

Fire Mario first appeared in Super Mario Bros and more recently has appeared in the Super Mario Galaxy series. By using the Fire Flower power up Mario is transformed into Fire Mario giving him the ability to use bouncing fireballs against his enemies.




Fire Mario plush character Other plush available to collect in the series – Collect them all! High grade fabrics Highly detailed and collectable Officially licensed by Nintendo

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