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Preisvergleich Produktbild Mattel DXD61 - MyMiniMixieQs Theater Spielset, Minipuppen-Zubehör

Mattel DXD61 - MyMiniMixieQs Theater Spielset, Minipuppen-Zubehör

von Mattel
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Letzte Aktualisierung 02.06.2018 08:20 Uhr
Rock til you drop or serenade with your favorite My Mini MixieQ s characters on this light up stage with sounds The cube opens to reveal multiple music and performance themed spaces and an included ballerina and actress figure ready to entertain Get ready for your show in the dressing room put on a performance on stage or entertain in the musical space with a piano and cello Remind your guests to pick up snacks from the concession stand and prepare for an amazing show Additional storytelling pieces enhance the themed fun like backstage props The ballerina actress figure and included mystery figures also feature Pop and Swap hair and outfits to customize your way Invite your favorite characters in to play director stage manager conductor and fans Then it s lights camera action This stage connects to other mini playsets to extend the My Mini MixieQ s fun Other playsets and figures sold separately

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