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Mattel Monster High CCB43 - Fatale Fusion Hybrid Neighthan, Puppe

von Mattel Monster High
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Mattel Monster High
This Scare-Mester things get positively ab-normal at Monster High when a class of monsters comes to school. The hybrids are two monsters in one. Neighthan Rot mashes up his unicorn scaritage with zombie ancestry. Details include his blue translucent horn, unicorn ears and rainbow streaks of colour in his extra-long mane. Wearing a scary outfit, this monster shows how fusion is the fashion. Accessories, like yellow trainers and his signature hat, complete the look. Doll also comes with a doll stand and brush, plus a personalised diary that contains scary insights into his hybrid personality. Collect his fusionable ghoulmates (each sold separately) to expand the fun to monster proportions. In the Monster High film Freaky Fusion, an entire class of monsters is introduced - the hybrids. These characters come from two different monster parents and so are two monsters in one. The monster mash-ups mean freaky flaws and dual-personalities. Mixing the unicorn heritage with zombie scaritage, hybrid Neightan Rot is twice the Manster trotting the howl ways of Monster High. The hybrid Manster is scary in a casual shirt and pants look with colour blocking. Both pieces are bone-chilling with a colourful anatomic print. Continuing the mashed-up trend, Neighthan Rot doll completes his look with a signature hat that features a hole for his unicorn horn. Designed in yellow. Other freaky fusion flaws include his extra-long mane with colourful streaks that complement his look. Keep them hair-raising with the included brush. For ages 6 and older.

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