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Preisvergleich Produktbild Cobble Hill 54332 - Old Coach Inn (XXL-Teile) - Puzzle 275 Teile

Cobble Hill 54332 - Old Coach Inn (XXL-Teile) - Puzzle 275 Teile

von Cobble Hill
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Cobble Hill
While guests relax at the 'Old Coach Inn', Nathaniel is returning with a fresh pail of milk for morning breakfast. And little Natasha is ready to get on her way to the city as she pesters the coachman to start without her parents! Indulge. Puzzle measures 24 inches by 18 inches when completed. Indulge in a high-quality Cobble Hill puzzle. Made in the USA with the finest inks, premium grade blue board, linen wrap, and the most endearing images. A pure delight for all ages. For nearly 10 years, Cobble Hill has offered fine quality, whimsical jigsaw images to the puzzle enthusiasts worldwide. Friends and families will surely find something to love with the many nostalgic, endearing selections Cobble Hill has to offer.

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