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Preisvergleich Produktbild Plastoy SAS PLA65061 - Schlüsselanhänger, Marsupilami mit Herz

Plastoy SAS PLA65061 - Schlüsselanhänger, Marsupilami mit Herz

von Plastoy SAS
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Plastoy SAS
Nice Plastoy Keychain based on the classic cartoons and comics about The Marsupilami: The Marsupilami in Love.
Marsupilami is a fictional comic book species created by André Franquin, first published on 31 January 1952 in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou.
Since then it appeared regularly in the popular Belgian comic book series Spirou et Fantasio until Franquin stopped working on the series in 1968 and the character dropped out soon afterward. In the late 1980s, the Marsupilami got its own successful spin-off series of comic albums, Marsupilami, written by Greg, Yann and Dugomier and drawn by Batem, launching the publishing house Marsu Productions.
Later, two animated shows featuring this character, as well as a Sega Genesis video game and a variety of other merchandise followed. The asteroid 98494 Marsupilami is named in its honour.

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