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Preisvergleich Produktbild [Handmade made in Japan, new, leather craftsman] story KH Chain Leica camera [VANCA] (japan import)

[Handmade made in Japan, new, leather craftsman] story KH Chain Leica camera [VANCA] (japan import)

von Vanca.com
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The original leather key chain slightly larger bunker craft. It can be mounted and mobile strap handbags and since it is removed from the key ring. Craftsman you skilled are making every day steadily in the bunker studio of Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture one by one. This is done in-house process all previous inspection and shipment of the product from production to ensure high quality. Leather late summer fun began I'd like to create a "fun accessory are using also impractical" rather than a belt bag and practical. We have developed a "technology to process sterically leather" including blade type, and mold from the design method . The method unique survived sticking out all steps "to keep for a long time to win, making Earl a (rounded) in leather" and technique, that can not be only by hand a thing of their original all, what may imitate anywhere not a. There is a warm leather + unique handmade leather story natural. Three-dimensional leather mascots taste with original leather familiar with the hand so as with the needs to have a long time to come out, it is "(a registered trademark of our company) leather story".

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