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Mini-Theremin (japan import)

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Electronic musical instrument in the world's oldest appears in Appendix! Give a beautiful tone to your hand, instrument unique playing style, is the mini size of the appendix "theremin". # # # Change the pitch by moving the hand held over to BR # # # space, instrument playing style ingenious, is the appendix of "theremin". Also one if it is not good at playing an instrument, for those who would like to challenge the new instrument, it is a musical instrument of the fascination everyone such that want to try. in 1920, was invented by scientist Lev Theremin of Russia, electronic musical instruments of the world's oldest. It issued a beautiful delicate tone like stringed instrument, it is likened to cello and voice of women at the time. Built-in speaker. I can enjoy the sound together. easy assembly of one driver. (About 20 minutes). Can be connected to an external amplifier (commercially available) with a simple modification. I will allow you to get a wide note range and mellow tone. ( remodeling method introduced in this magazine) Top Termini strike, with a book how to play the Mr. Takeuchi Masami. The magazine, article, etc. of musicians with a connection for the theremin and Keigo Oyamada theremin basic course, and Akiko Yano is full. Or in collaboration with other instruments, and can arrange the sound by connecting to an effector, and play around a lot!

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