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Plaid Hat Games SWGDC - Summoner Wars: Guild Dwarves verses Cave Goblins Starter

von Plaid
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The Mountains of Sorrow are aptly named for they have been the site of the unending clash between Goblin and Dwarf. The Cave Goblins seek merely to throw themselves upon any foe with the will to fight. The Guild Dwarves sit in their mountain halls jealously guarding their ancient riches. But with the discovery of the Summoning Stones comes a new kind of combat and now these two great races will help set off the War for Itharia. Summoner Wars: Guild Dwarves vs. Cave Goblins gives players everything they need to join the War for Itharia as either of these great races. Will you play the Guild Dwarves whose knowledge of siege warfare knows no rival Or will you play the Cave Goblins and swarm your foe with your fanatical hordes This Summoner Wars Starter Set provides 2 complete Faction decks as well as all the materials needed to play games of Summoner Wars. Summoner Wars is an expandable non-blind purchase card game. It will be expanded with new common and champion units for customizing your favorite faction and will also be expanded with all new factions and all new Summoners for existing factions. Summoner Wars can also easily support 4 players with the purchase of 2 Starter Sets.


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