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Specter Ops

von Plaid
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We have risen up in rebellion. We fight for real
happiness, and when the forces of Raxxon resist us, we will cause
misery. We fight for our species' history and its future. We fight for
its soul. A.R.K. is aware that there will be countless employees - fools
blinded by the corporate veil - who will resist. So be it. There is too
much at stake here to protect the purposefully ignorant. We will
consider those who side with Raxxon as part of Raxxon itself, and mark
our words, Raxxon will burn.

Stealth, the search,
the fight, and the thrill of the hunt. Specter Ops: Shadow of Babel puts
you and 1-4 friends in the middle of a war for society that's fought in
the shadows.

On one side, a lone A.R.K. agent
infiltrates a Raxxon facility, seeking to retrieve three mission targets
and escape alive. Equipped with unique skills and tools, the agent
moves in secret.

On the other side, two or more
genetically enhanced Raxxon hunters, alerted to the intruder's presence,
take no prisoners as they attempt to eliminate the A.R.K. agent before a
successful escape. Super-human mutations and keen coordination aid them
in their duty to destroy Raxxon's enemies.

Each turn, the
A.R.K. agent marks their moves secretly, indicating their board location
only if they pass through a hunter's line of sight. If the A.R.K.
player can collect three out of four mission objectives and escape
without losing all their life points, they win. Four agents to choose
from as well as 12 equipment cards means a variety of strategies and
experiences are possible.

The Raxxon hunters move every turn as
well, and drive a vehicle that rushes across the board and detects the

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