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Transparency, The Boris Wild Marked Deck Book by Boris Wild - Book

von Vanishing Inc.
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Vanishing Inc.
Everything you ever wanted to know about the marked deck but were afraid to ask!

Just think of the power you would have if you could find any face-down card in a shuffled deck in three or four seconds. What would you do Yes, miracles!

All of the most amazing effects that Boris Wild has ever created with his marked deck are now gathered in this unique book, a true "bible" on the subject!

Twenty-five routines, techniques and applications to fully exploit the potential of your Boris Wild Marked Deck!

What you will find here: Easy and direct routines requiring very little sleight of hand with strong impact on the audience. Clean effects that can be performed in professional conditions. True little miracles exclusively possible with the Boris Wild Marked Deck.Each effect is described in detail. The explanations are clearly structured and illustrated with many photos. The psychological aspects are carefully highlighted in a specific section.

This newly revised and expanded edition includes extra routines and techniques as well as an exclusive chapter devoted to the outstanding possibilities of the Boris Wild Marked Deck in the improvisation of impossible effects.

Whatever your level in card magic may be, the Boris Wild marked deck brings within your reach the effects you have always dreamed of!

The greatest care has been brought to the quality of the book, including to its cover with a unique lenticular effect in 3D. A world premiere in the publishing of magic books! 25 routines, techniques and applications for your Boris Wild Marked Deck! Well-crafted book in English. Preface by David Acer. Hardcover with a lenticular effect in 3D. Size: 17 x 24 cm. High-quality satin paper. 230 pages illustrated with more than 100 photos.

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