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Mega Bloks 96807U - Halo Wars Scorpion

von Mattel Mega Bloks
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Mattel Mega Bloks
Establish your army, build and expand your bases with the Halo Wars UNSC Scorpion playset by Mega Bloks! Build and recreate epic battle scenes between the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) forces and the Covenant with this authentic 278-piece buildable playset modeled after Microsoft Game Studios exciting game, Halo Wars, a real-time strategy game based on the legendary Halo® universe Weighing 66 tons, the Scorpion is armed with a 90mm High-Velocity Cannon and 7.62mm Machine Gun. This sturdy buildable Scorpion battle tank is a mainstay of UNSC forces. Upgrades include Infantry- Canister Shell ammunition and increased turret speed. Use this heavy hitting tanks flexible weapons platform to provide support for the UNSC and inflict severe damage on the Covenant. The Scorpion vehicle playset comes equipped with a UNSC Red Spartan, and Covenant Elite Guard. The Scorpions main battle tank is the most powerful mobile weapons platform in the UNSC arsenal.

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