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Preisvergleich Produktbild Flippy Flux ... viel mehr als ein Spielzeug. Tanz, heilige geometrie, toroidale bewegung, therapie, energie.

Flippy Flux ... viel mehr als ein Spielzeug. Tanz, heilige geometrie, toroidale bewegung, therapie, energie.

von Toroflux - FlipyFlux
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Toroflux - FlipyFlux
A toroid is a mathematical model based on the fourth dimension. We find it in the shape of an apple, it helps us to understand tornados, black holes and even the human heart, besides being used to explain diverse and sometimes abstract spiritual concepts. FlipyFlux puts a toroid in your hands, study its properties and benefits, and observe how it can help to improve your life. Flipyflux adapts itself to each persons personal characteristics and circumstances and will accompany them in the discovery of their body and their movements. For people with difficulties it turns spychomotricity therapy into a game. It helps children to discover their bodies and helps to establish the difference between the hemispheres of the brain. It is a tool of self discovery and personal developement through dance, and a new juggling prop full of possibilities waiting to be explored. Flipyflux is much more than a game. It will help you to understand not only the universe but also yourself! It will become part of your home, you´ll surprise yourself handling it whilst you talk on the phone, reflecting over some important decision or when you feel a little stiff and rusty. It´s relaxing, yet it provides you with new sensations, it doesn´t use batteries, you can take it anywhere and use it everywhere. FlipyFlux guarantees the quality of its products and offers a lifetime warranty. If your FlipyFlux were to break, we would give you a replacement. We would simply ask you to send us a photo of the damaged product, and once we establish the damage hadn't been forced, we will send you a new one. When we say forced, we mean that the wire is deformed, in which case this rupture would be linked to improper use. FlipyFlux is very flexible and not spoiled by handling or falling to the ground, but should its folding/unfolding be done incorrectly or with too much force, it could cause the rods to become bent and would therefore not rotate uniformly.

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