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Preisvergleich Produktbild Night Runner 270 (Neon) - Shoe Lights For Running At Night by Night Runner 270

Night Runner 270 (Neon) - Shoe Lights For Running At Night by Night Runner 270

von Night Runner 270
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Night Runner 270
150 LUMENS - Night Runner shoe lights come with two ultra-light LED light units that fasten securely to shoelaces, features 270 degrees of visibility in front of the runner, and two red taillights. The best product for running at night!;WEATHERPROOF - The ultimate night running gear lights built to survive in all weather conditions, whether it is heavy rain, extreme heat, or even the coldest of winters.;COMFORT & SAFETY - Night Runner's Bi-Lateral wing design guarantees visibility of up to 30 feet illuminating your running path for optimal safety in the dark and alerting motorists, better than blinding your friends or getting a mouth full of bugs with headlamps, perfect for night running.;BATTERY LIFE - These shoe lights have more than 4 hours of battery life, Li-on rechargeable battery via Micro USB .;AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK!

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