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Preisvergleich Produktbild Tragbare Auto Tracker GPS GSM GPRS Echtzeit Tracking Device Tracker T8 (Farbe: Schwarz)

Tragbare Auto Tracker GPS GSM GPRS Echtzeit Tracking Device Tracker T8 (Farbe: Schwarz)

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This GPS tracking locator is a compact and powerful locator.
Mainly used in monitoring and management companies vehicle and private car anti-theft.
Through the Intelligent Positioning and the way to GPRS to send GPS data to the site,
tracker can access through mobile phones, computer, etc.,
anywhere at any time to know the latest vehicle position, speed and direction of the other information.

Real time tracking
Historical track
GEO fence
device informationDisplay device name, device number and duration of platform.
device messageFind all received message, such as SOS, Offline alarm, lower power alert, fence alarm.
peripheral navigationfind Peripheral informationparking, food, gas station, bank, hotel, bus station, supermarket, entertainment.
device listAn account monitors several devices.
monitoring centerfind devices specific distribution and locations in an account.
message centerfind all messages for devices.
Size: approx. 4.5*1.5cm

Package includes:
1 x GPS Tracker
1 x USB Cable
1 x Bag of mini screws
1 x Mini screwdriver

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