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Radarwarner K2

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INFORAD K2 is a sleek, accurate and affordable GPS-based speed camera warning system. INFORAD K2 - the world's smallest camera warning system - uses GPS satellite technology to determine your vehicle's current position, compares it to an on-board database of thousands of known and speed camera locations and red light camera locations in the UK & Europe, and then alerts you in advance with visual and audible alarms when you are near a camera. It is 100% road legal in the UK and works right out of the box - just charge the internal battery and place on your dashboard or affix to your windscreen. INFORAD K1 includes free unlimited access and updates to the 1 camera locations database. New cameras are being added to the database all the time and you can download updates for free using your Windows PC (does not work on Mac OS) with the built-in USB connector and be protected for no additional charge. Other GPS speed warning systems typically charge a subscription fee for database updates - which can be over 30 per year - making INFORAD K2 the most affordable GPS speed camera locator on the market. Don't take any chances. You'll drive safer, avoid tickets, and protect your license. INFORAD K2 pays for itself after helping you avoid just one ticket!

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