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JB WELD Kwik plastique

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JB Weld
KwikWeld quick-setting Steel Reinforced Epoxy Strength 2424 PSI SET TIME 6 minutes Cure Time 4 - 6 hours Cure Farbe Dark Grey Great For: Household repairs Automotive Plumbing Marine Crafts & More j-b KwikWeld is a fast Setting Version Of The Original j-b Weld two-part Epoxy Cold Weld System That PROVIDES Strong, LASTING repairs to Metal and multiple other Surface types. After Mixing, it Forms A Permanent Bond and can be Shaped, tapped, Filed, Sanded and drilled After Curing. j-b KwikWeld has a 1: 1 Mixing Ratio, Sets in 6 minutes and is fully cured in 4 - 6 Stunden. j-b KwikWeld Cures to a dark grey color, is rated at a Tensile Strength of 2424 PSI and will Withstand temperatures up to 300ºf. INSTRUCTIONS Prepare: Clean surface Area of Dirt, GREASE, Oil, Paint or Loose Debris.* Mix: Squeeze Equal Parts from each tube onto a disposable Surface and Mix thoroughly. Apply: apply with appropriate Tool in an even Coat, Weld Bead or Extruded Shape as needed. Dry: Sets in 6 Minuten. CURES in 4 hours. IF Temperature is Below 40ºF, then Set Time is Longer. * For Best Results Use a Detergent or Degreaser to First Clean The Surface, then roughen Surface with file or Coarse Sandpaper to provide the best Repair.

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