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Bosmutus OBD2 Economy Chip Tuning Box for Benzine 15% Fuel Save Plug&Drive OBD 2 Scanner Lower Fuel and Lower

von Bosmutus
Preisvergleich Produktbild Bosmutus OBD2 Economy Chip Tuning Box for Benzine 15% Fuel Save Plug&Drive OBD 2 Scanner Lower Fuel and Lower
Ecoobd2: Low fuel consumption and low emissions
Ecoobd2 is very easy to use.
Ecoobd2 works on ECUs based on signal variations. As a result, it changed the entire configuration.
The main difference between the ecoobd2 power fuel optimization and the map adjustment method is that the ecoobd2 power fuel optimization device is easy to disassemble.Pull out the factory settings. Nitroobd2 is a tune for cheap convenience and security.
Remapping is a permanent change to your car. This is an expensive tuner and you cannot delete it.
The ecoobd2's engine protection features are 100% safe for your car's engine.
Ecoobd2 manufactures chip technology on printed circuit boards and ecoobd2 power fuel optimization equipment is of high quality.
Installation and calibration
1. Insert the car key.
2. Find your car OBD2 connector and insert ecoobd2.
3, this stage is more critical, reverse the car key. (Do not drive)
4, press the ecoobd2 reset button for about 5 seconds, release the button, wait for a period of time about 30-54 seconds (ecoobd2 will communicate with the ECU to establish a connection)
5. Start the engine.
6, ecoobd2 will recognize your car and your driving habits after about 200 km / 150 mph. Ecoobd2 will adjust according to your car's fuel efficiency.
Does your car have an OBD2 connector
Onboard diagnostics, or "OBD, " is a computer system built on all light cars and trucks in 1996 and following the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendment.
The OBD system is designed to monitor the main components of some engines, including controlling emission performance.
Cars that support OBD;
Sold after the United States on January 1, 1996
Sold in the EU after January 1, 2001
Diesel engine sold after January 1
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