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JINYJIA 12V 55W Xenon HID Conversion Kit Headlight for Car Vehicle Replacement Bulb, H1 / 10000K

Preisvergleich Produktbild JINYJIA 12V 55W Xenon HID Conversion Kit Headlight for Car Vehicle Replacement Bulb,  H1 / 10000K
*Input Voltage:AC 12 V
*Luminous Intensity: 3500LM
*Buls Type:H1
*Luminous flux: 3200LM, near three times more than halogen light
*Working temperature: -40~105 C
*Energy Saving
*Easy installation: Plug and Play, no tools needed

Strict eight items testing of bullbat HID capacity:
*High/low temperature testin
*IEC 68-2-6 tremor testing
*EN60529 waterproof and dustproof testing
*DIN antisepsis testing
*Instant high/low voltage testing
*1000 times/one minute open circuit testing
*EMC CISPK22 guard against hertzian waves

Package Includes:
*2 x HID Xenon Bulbs
*2 X Ballasts

*Long service life, safe for the driving
*Save a half power than traditional halogen lamp
*Failure HID gradually dim, give drivers emergency shutdown time
*Ballast current amplification, activate the inside of the bulb of high pressure gas discharge
*HID a high energy density and intensity of light and expanded the line of sight range build safe driving conditions
*HID Three times higher than traditional halogen lamp brightness, improves the drive at night and clarity to the line of sight of driving in the fog

If your car is order than 2002( 2000 if German cars ), you don't need canbus hid kit. If your car is Land Rover , Volvo, Audi , Benz, BMW, Saab 2002 onwards(For German cars 2000 onwards) or any other car with CAN-bus system you will need our canbus kit. Our canbus ballast have inside super ¨Ccanbus decoder. Exceptions:Dodge , Jeep, Ford focus, skoda Octavia&Superb, BMW diesel car such as 318D, 320D and so on with canbus system.

Bulb holder:
Some cars such as BMW E46, E39, GOLF, Vauxhall Vectra, Corsa or Astra may need extra bulb holder.
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