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shuaishuang573 Wasserdicht DC 6 Gang Toggle Rocker Switch Panel Auto Marine Boat Schaltung LED

von shuaishuang573
Preisvergleich Produktbild shuaishuang573 Wasserdicht DC 6 Gang Toggle Rocker Switch Panel Auto Marine Boat Schaltung LED
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1.6 Blue LED illuminated aluminium On OFF Rockers Switch Seals for outdoor and marine task, Short circuit / Overheat protection.
2. Digital Voltmeter+12V Cigarette Socket & 3.1A Dual USB Power Charger fullfill all kinds of charging needs; 6 Gang Rocker Switch: LED LIGHT BAR, SPOT LIGHTS, SIDE LIGHTS, ROOF LIGHTS, ZOMBIE LIGHTS, DRIVING LIGHTS.
3. Suitable for 12V/24V Systems, Totally Environment Friendly. Rocker Switches Pillar for jeep marine boat off-road rv utv truck.
4. Panel is pre-wired, Includes 4x Stainless Steel Screw.
5. - Heavy duty ABS plastic face panel

Description on Voltmeter
â- - Measuring DC voltage, with anti-reverse, short circuit protection
â- - The DC voltmeter range 12-24V, has reverse polarity protection function
â- - Used to monitor the battery voltage and battery voltage state
â- - This can also be used for other products voltage measurement purposes
â- - Real-time detection of battery voltage, using a battery used under normal operating voltage
â- - This will help the users to monitor and maintain the bettery health
â- - A Proper maintenance will extend and protect the battery and engine life

- Size for panel: 178*137*100mm
- Hole Size: 167 x 104mm (6.57" x 4.09")

Rocker Switch:
â Loop Circuit: ON-OFF
â· Maximum power: 240W
⸠Input voltage: DC12V / 24V
â¹ Protection class: IP65
⺠Operating Temperature: -25â"ƒ-80â"ƒ

Dual USB Port:
- Working voltage: 12-24V
- Output current: 3.1A
- Output voltage: 5V
- LED Light: Blue

Cigarette Lighter Socket
- Working voltage: 12-24V
- Output voltage: 12-24V
- LED Light: Blue

Package included:
1 x Switch Panel
1 x Rubber Seal Pad
1 x Sticker Label
4 x Screws
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