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2-Komponenten Kleber / Epoxyd-Harz Poxipol (Epoxyd-Harz)

Preisvergleich Produktbild 2-Komponenten Kleber / Epoxyd-Harz Poxipol (Epoxyd-Harz)
POXIPOL 2-component Resin of finest quality
Very High Quality Epoxy Resin,
The achieved it Thanks To The Fine Metal Spähne, The inserted into the Resin are Locked Up Safe and Sound.
After the Gel Hardens, you can use the Adhesive Grinding, Drilling or sawing.
You can How to use: Mix The required Amount of both Tubes in the Ratio of 1: 1.
After Approx. 10 Minutes Quick Curing of the Adhesive.
Suitable for all types of surface.
Inhalt 7 + 7 g
Includes Squeegee for mixing.
Base Price - 100 g = 49,29 & # x20AC; Includes vat Plus shipping costs
Grips to, Such As Shop Cost A Glue at least 3 times as much.
Postage costs only be be charged. With Every Set.
Take a look at out but even at the shop. There You will find many interesting things with you don his car individually Design Yourself.
We hope you enjoy grocery shopping.
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