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Hammerhead Premium Forged Gear Shift Lever comp. with Kawasaki KX250F (2004-2008) - 11-0345-02-30

von Hammerhead Designs
Preisvergleich Produktbild Hammerhead Premium Forged Gear Shift Lever comp. with Kawasaki KX250F (2004-2008) - 11-0345-02-30
Hammerhead Designs

...Because We're All Built Differently
Hammerhead Designs Inc. was launched with the intent to design new and innovative high-quality products that improve ergonomics for riders. All of our products are backed by our industry-leading warranty

The Hammerhead Designs Shift Lever with Big Boot Offset Tip
Do your foot controls feel cramped Our +10mm and +20mm Big Boot offset Shift lever tips are CNC machined to be longer. This extends the overall length of the lever, and gives riders who have larger boot sizes or chunky adventure boots more space to upshift.

Brand make / Model / Years:
KX250F .... (2004 - 2008)

*If still unsure if this will fit your bike, cross-reference by OEM s included in 'images' or 'technical details' sections of this page. Do not hesitate to ask us questions about fitment we will try to get back to you within 24 hours
**use of thread lock on the pinch bolt (or mounting bolt for ktm) on shift levers is highly discouraged and voids any warranty on the shift lever product.
***proper torque must be maintained (and checked regularly) and the use of waterproof grease is the best way to obtain proper torque. refer to your oem owner's manual for torque specifications

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