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motogadget 361-891 m-Button mit der m-Unit V.2 eine grosse Hilfe

von Motogadget
Preisvergleich Produktbild motogadget 361-891 m-Button mit der m-Unit V.2 eine grosse Hilfe
Together with the new m-Unit V.2 a great help to reduce the cable length and simplify cable harnessing. With this tiny cylinder in the steering tube - or in other suitable places - all handlebar fittings, switches and push buttons are electrically connected. The m-Button prepares the signals digitally and transmits them to the m-Unit V.2 via a single, thin cable using the latest bus technology. There the consumers are switched on and off. All control lines move into the handlebar. This saves space, weight, work and time. For custom bikes with clean optics on the handlebar is a must. To understand: A) in the case of "normal" wiring of the handlebars, the working current (for example, light / turn signal) is passed directly through the handlebars. As a result of the current, correspondingly large cable cross sections must be fed from the fuse box to the switch and back to the load. This results in fast thick cable strings. For custom bikes with little space or hidden electrics a 'No-Go'. B) with the m-Unit without m-Button, only a thin cable for each switch or button function would have to be routed to the m-unit. Only minimal control pulses are forwarded here. All large loads and currents are directly connected to the m-unit and fed directly to the load. A substantial reduction and simplification of the cable harness is already achieved in this way. See also example circuit diagram here. C) the m-Unit V.2 in conjunction with the tiny m-Button minimize the cable lengths to be laid again! All switches / buttons on the handlebars are connected with the m-Button in the shortest possible way, within the handlebar. Only a thin cable from the m-Button is then fed to the m-unit. As explained above, the loads and currents are switched directly to the m-Unit V.2. Less cable does not work! See also example circuit diagram with m-Button here. The m-Button is completely watertight and vibration resistant.
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