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Hell Silber Motorradhelm SHOEI Gt Air

von Shoei Helmets
Preisvergleich Produktbild Hell Silber Motorradhelm SHOEI Gt Air
Shoei Helmets
• Premium AIM 5-layer shell construction with aerodynamic shape • QSV-1 sun visor - DIN EN18636 approved & intercom prepared • E.Q.R.S (Emergency Quick Release System) for easy helmet removal Shoei have once again developed a revolutionary new helmet in the GT Air helmet, that sets brand new active and passive safety benchmarks. Changing light conditions can result in dangerous situations for any rider, therefore a built in sun visor has been on the wish list of many Shoei customers for a while now. Shoei have listened to its customers and have come up with a unique solution to ensure the overall safety of the new GT Air will not be weakened by a thinner shell. To accommodate the visor, a shell is placed outside while the thickness of the original EPS liner remains unchanged. The additional inner visor is injection moulded which results in a practically distortion free visor whilst also filtering out 99% of UV light. The inner sun visor system can be easily be activated, even with gloves on. With the usual high specification that includes: An Aim Shell construction, advanced aerodynamics and ventilation and a multi-density EPS liner as well (more...)
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