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NOVOFERM 202MB . 433.92 MHz Kompatibel Handsender, Ersatz sender (Fixed code)

von novoferm
Preisvergleich Produktbild NOVOFERM 202MB . 433.92 MHz Kompatibel Handsender, Ersatz sender (Fixed code)
This is a high quality 433.92Mhz remote replacement clone that can completely replace your NOVOFERM 202MB , NOVOFERM , NOVOTRON (dickert) MAHS433-01 / MAHS433-04 / remotes. ///Parameters:• 433.92Mhz frequency•battery and keychain included•High quality remote replacement!! ///HOW TO CLONE YOUR REMOTE: • You need to erase the remote first : 1)Click and Hold Nr1 and Nr2 buttons together - Led will flash 3 times 2)Keep holding Nr1 button and release Nr2 button (keep holding Nr1 button since step 1) 3)Push Nr2 button 3 times, Led will start Flashing Non-Stop. (Keep holding Nr1 button since step 1) • Next you need to clone your original remote : 1)Put both remotes Into back to Back position (II). Make sure they have direct contact , touching, push a bit to make them touch each other harder. 2)Click and hold 1 button on your original remote and 1 button on your clone remote. Keep holding until led will make : 2 blinks > 3 blinks > Steady = Successfully cloned, only after the light goes into steady. • If for some reason the clone does not go further then 2 blinks , it means the signal does not go through, please shift the remote slowly up and down, very slowly until you get the point where it will go through. LINK FOR THE PROGRAMMING VIDEO --> • www.youtube.com/watchv=U5bkC1-KqdU• Note: you don't need an access to you control board or receiver!!!///We are fully committed for 100% customer satisfaction. If the item arrived damaged, got lost in mail, was not what you wanted to buy, please contact us and we WILL resolve the matter until you are fully satisfied with your purchase.IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PURCHASE PLEASE CONTACT US
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