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Acer Liquid X2 Car mount, Acer Liquid X2 Designer 360 Degree expandable holder for Phones SAT NAV

Preisvergleich Produktbild Acer Liquid X2 Car mount,  Acer Liquid X2 Designer 360 Degree expandable holder for Phones SAT NAV

There have been times, when due to lack of proper care, your mobile have slipped on the ground, while you were driving the car. You can easily bid farewell to such incidents if you welcome to your car the Universal Racer Car Mount Holder, an extremely essential product from the G4GADGET. With this mount holder, you can place your mobile phone and can drive with no tension at all. In fact, it is the safest way to carry expensive gadgets while you drive the car with complete concentration. The utility product is compatible with Most of Smartphone and SATNAV as well. Don’t you think that you should be well aware of every minute feature of the mount holder before you buy Car Mount Holder online
Vital Features-
• Brand- G4GADGET
• Cushioned expandable holder
• Exclusive and protected locking mechanism
• 60°adjustable rotating joint
The list of its features does not end here. From flexible and supple bending neck to a suction lock with additional strength and potency, the mount holder has it all. If you are not very sure whether this G4GADGET Car Mount Holder is available at the online stores or not, here is nothing to worry because all the leading online stores have enough stock of the same. It can charge several devices at the same time. It comes with built in A1 and 2A USB ports as well. You will also find two cigarette lighter sockets in the car mount holder. Therefore, you can well imagine the functionality of this object and the vitality of having one, in each and every car.
The extremely popular and well-known brand, has been taking care of your needs and consistently delivering you with exclusive accessories for years now

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