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Front Runner Land Rover Discovery Sport Slimline II Dachträger Kit

von Front Runner
Preisvergleich Produktbild Front Runner Land Rover Discovery Sport Slimline II Dachträger Kit
Front Runner
Ultimate off-road strength meets true on-road performance.
55 sizes. 50+ Accessories. Lifetime warranty*

The Slimline II Roof Rack by Front Runner is:

Strong: Designed and built to meet the demanding off-road conditions of Africa. Made of high density aluminum, the Front Runner Slimline II tray is rated to carry 300 kgs / 660 lbs and can withstand the stress of any adventure.

Lightweight: 30% lighter than steel. Patented design offers the best strength to weight ratio of any roof rack.

Modular: Complete roof rack design flexibility. More slats can be added to create a solid platform or expedition style rails can even be effortlessly added to create the classic roof rack basket shape. If any individual component of the roof rack becomes accidentally damaged, the part can be swapped out without having to replace the entire tray.

Low profile: Unique T-slot mounting system creates a "flat" deck. This flat deck design is unobtrusive and compliments the lines of today's automobiles. Because there are no side rails, it's easier and quicker to remove stored gear.

Durable: The Slimline II tray is manufactured in South Africa entirely with corrosion free aluminum while the mounting solutions are either all aluminum or stainless steel -- ensuring a lifetime of dependability.

Versatile: The Slimline II offers easy on and off mounting for any type of adventure gear. Loads are independently secured anywhere on the top, sides
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