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Hyundai H1 Roof Rack (Full Cargo Rack) - Front Runner Slimline II

von Front Runner
Preisvergleich Produktbild Hyundai H1 Roof Rack (Full Cargo Rack) - Front Runner Slimline II
Front Runner
The Slimline II Roof Rack by Front Runner is: Strong: Designed and built to meet the demanding off-road conditions of Africa. Made of high density aluminum the Slimline II can carry all your gear and withstand the stress of any adventure. Lightweight: 30% lighter than steel. Patented design offers the best strength to weight ratio of any Roof Rack. Modular: Complete Roof Rack design flexibility. Add Front Runner expedition rails to create basket shape. Swap out components any time. Add or subtract slats. Low profile: Unique T-slot mounting system creates a flat deck. Less drag and noise. Easier access to cargo. Traditional Roof Rack side rails become a preference for looks only. Durable: Manufactured with corrosion free aluminum. Powder coated with one of the industry's most durable and lasting weather resistant finishes. The Front Runner Slimline II will take the abuse of the sun the rain the gear and any condition road. Lifetime warranty limited to the original purchaser. Versatile: No more untying unstrapping un-netting the entire contents of your roof rack just to remove one item. Loads are independently secured anywhere on the top sides or bottom of the rack using Front Runner's unique bolt on system. Customize the arrangement of over 40 Front Runner Roof Rack accessories for securing bikes surfboards fuel tents BBQ grates skis fishing rods axes recovery jacks shovels stand up paddle boards bottle openers clothes canoes/kayaks lights tables water propane tanks rescue tracks spare tires suitcases chairs snowboards and more. If you can't find a Front Runner Rack mounting accessory to suit your needs -- secure whatever you like via standard M8 bolts in the T-slots or try the Front Runner Tie Down Rings with the Front Runner Stratchit. The possibilities are endless.
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