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Moai G2T-ICE persönlicher Miniluftkühler, beweglicher Tischplattenluftreiniger-Verdunstungslüfter, weiß

von Moai
Preisvergleich Produktbild Moai G2T-ICE persönlicher Miniluftkühler,  beweglicher Tischplattenluftreiniger-Verdunstungslüfter,  weiß

Product Instruction:

Fantastic product designed by Taiwanese firm Moai, G2T-ICE is a natural personal cooling device. Needless of the coolant and compressor, the air cooler uses only water and proprietary heat absorption cooling filter to achieve most efficient cooling effect. The frictions of gaseous water molecules in the cooling filter creates anions (OH ion) in the air, which can filter particulate matte smaller than PM2.5, meanwhile maintain coolness and moisture. Unique design of 360 degrees water leaking prevention, no concern of leaking water while dumping, no need to worry about wetting your laptop, computer or other electronic devices. It's perfect not only for indoor workers like housewife, desktop / laptop works, but also recommended for outdoor usage like travelers and campers.

Note:It's suggested to replace new filter for every 3 months (otherwise its efficacy will decay).
Please keep this product with power bank charge due to without battery.

Product Details:
Covering Space: Maximum: 2 Sq. meters of space.
Temperature Reduction: Up to 4–12°C, depending on the humidity level.
Effective Distance: 40-60 cm.
Noise Level: 50 dB while in high speed wind.
Power Supply/ Power Consumption: 5V DC, Micro USB, 1A, 5W.
Water Tank Capacity: 200ml, for 3-3.5 hours.
Manufacturer Warranty Description:1 year warranty with certain policy.

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