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Wiseshe H7 8000k birne led lampen autolampe DC9-30v 3 Jahre Qualitätssicherung (Satz von 2) H7 8 led der hohen Leistung kühles Weiß

von Wiseshine
Preisvergleich Produktbild Wiseshe H7 8000k birne led lampen autolampe DC9-30v 3 Jahre Qualitätssicherung (Satz von 2) H7 8 led der hohen Leistung kühles Weiß
* Input:DC9-30v
* Color: cool white
2pcs h7 8led high power cool white
Temperature of bulb working
The temperature is high while led bulb working, sometimes even more than 100°C;.How to ensure the bulb working well, it is the key point. We have the following ways to trail
1. Aluminum heat sink added
As we know, the aluminum is good heat releasing. How to add the heat sink to the bulb is important.. According to the design from us, heat of the led can be transported outside well. Most of our supplying in the list have the heat sink added
2.DC 9-30v circuit set
The fact we know that the voltage from the vehicle is unstable, floating from 10.5-15.5v. The one installed the bulb only supporting DC12v is not good even dangerous(especially the bulb with many leds, that will result in temperature rising sharply while higher voltage). The design for the circuit set DC9-30v can solve the problem well, it is also suitable for the DC24v input of trucks.
3.2OZ copper in the pcb
The circuit set is also hot while working, how to drop temperature(not enough space to add heat sink) 2OZ copper in the pcb is our special design, that will help the components in the pcb to run well. As far as we know, we are the only supplier for this design.
4. the wire in the led is GOLD
All of the leds from us with the GOLD wire inside, that is the key point for the lifespan of led. From other suppliers, there are many bulbs with much lower price and good brightness, but can't run long time even not longer than one month. The wires they use is alloyed even steel, the max temperature they can support not more 100°C;. Soldering temperature is 270-280°C; in the reflow soldering machine for pb free assembly and working temperature is about 80-100°C;(sometimes more than 100°C;),GOLD wire is the only choice for long life.
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