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Anddod 9510FD3 36 Music Tune Wireless Doorbell Nice Doorbell

von Anddod
Preisvergleich Produktbild Anddod 9510FD3 36 Music Tune Wireless Doorbell Nice Doorbell
WIRELESS DOORBELL TWINS is available now from our US warehouse

Free shipping to US in 3-6 business days
ship to Canada, Brazil in 7-10 days

Description :

9510FD3 36 Music Tune Wireless Doorbell Door Bell 2 Receiver + 1 Remote Button

36 different melodies for selection, you can select you favorite
LED indicator flashes when bell rings
Never miss a visitor or delivery again

No wiring or drilling, wireless transmission to master the item
Simple vivid installation design, save money when installation and don't effect the decorate environment
Excellent function, easy usage, energy saving, and high sensitivity make it meet the need of market and consumers live

The ultra-long distance can reach 150 meters away. It can overcome any obstacles during the course of transmission and receiving, so it is suitable for: dwelling house, tier building, multiple apartments, hotel, factory, hospital or any other places.
It not only brings you convenience, but also give you the unexpected happiness and freedom.

Package included :

2 x 9510FD3 Wireless Doorbell Receiver
1 x Wireless Remote Button
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