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Eurom Portable Air Condition Camper Caravan Motorhome Camping for Adria Detleffs Hobby etc.

von Eurom
Preisvergleich Produktbild Eurom Portable Air Condition Camper Caravan Motorhome Camping for Adria Detleffs Hobby etc.
Portable air conditioning units run on a 220-240v mains supply. The unit only uses 450 watts when cooling, that's only 1.88 Amps on 230 volts. This compares favourably with large roof mounted units that can consume 1500 watts with a current draw of 6.5 amps. The mounting brackets can be fastened onto standard windows without limiting the function of the window itself however, while the unit is in operation, the windows should remain closed. Note: the two units are permanently connected, they cannot be disconnected for installation or for storage. The fan unit has a LCD display to control the unit. There are two fan speeds and four levels of cooling together with a timer that switches the unit off in periods of time from 30 minutes and seven and a half hours. The unit is thermostatically controlled, when the cooling function reaches the desired temperature, it switches onto a lower setting to save energy. 2 fan speed settings Air flow: Inner section 330m3/per hour Air flow: Outer section 270m3/per hour Cooling capacity: 2, 559 Btuh - 700 watts cooling Suitability - van size: Suitable for spaces of 16 cubic metres. Umbilical cord (between units) 1120mm Fan unit W 395mm x H 360mm x D 180mm Compressor W 435mm x H 410mm x D 200mm Power flex measurement unit to plug approx 2 metres. Indoor unit: Low speed RPM: 950, = 42dB, High speed RPM: 1, 250, = 45.8dB. Outdoor unit: Low speed RPM: 600, =48dB. High speed RPM: 900, =55 In layman's terms - it makes less noise than a dishwasher operating in the next room
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