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Goome GM02E Mini Real Time Tracking Vehicle GPS Tracker GPS / GSM / GPRS / SMS

von Goome Aichean
Preisvergleich Produktbild Goome GM02E Mini Real Time Tracking Vehicle GPS Tracker GPS / GSM / GPRS / SMS
Goome Aichean
GOOME Mini GPS Tracker-Track vehicles Anywhere!

Attractive traits:

1. Never lose sight of your loved ones, whether it's your husband or wife, because we provides 24/7 real time tacking services.
2. Geo-fence settings allows you to receive a status alert when vehicle is located outside your preset location boundaries
3. Equipped with smart ACC detection function, with wide range input voltage from 5-30V DC.
4. Automatically recover system from the internal monitoring chip, users can playback from over 1000 auto saving tracks and places.
5. FREE Goome Tracking Platform for a year; no contract or activation fee needed
6. Supports multiple map views: Google, Bing, Open Street, Baidu
7. Enhanced the surge protection design from wrong wire connected into the positive/negative electrode.
8. Support Android and iOS apps, website and SMS command.
9. Equipped with Assisted-GPS technology, be able to fix GPS in 15s' when reconnected with the signal.

Package Contents:

1X GPS Tracker
1X User Manual


SIM card is not included in the package.

A free trial for 1 year on platform.

You do not have to go through a 3rd party monitoring company.
Easy Installation:
Step1: Inserting a 2G SIM card with GPRS which can reach the Internet.
Step2: Insert the SIM card in the GPS rtracker, then turn on the switch with a needle;
Step3: Connect the USB with GPS tracker to make it connect to an electric circuit by starting your car. the USB that we proved for test.
Step4: Drive your car in Open sky situation.
Step5: Login our tracking platform which is www.gpsoo.net; You will able to see the actual location or driving for few minutes to see historical positions.
Remark: Your account number is the 15 digit numbers of your GPS tracker, which is under the bar code. The password is the last 6 digits of the ID number.
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