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Malifaux WYR20001 - Rules Manual (2nd Edition)

von Wyrd Miniatures
Preisvergleich Produktbild Malifaux WYR20001 - Rules Manual (2nd Edition)
Wyrd Miniatures
1 Englisches Regelbuch in Farbe. What are some of the features of 2nd edition to look forward to- Streamlined, Updated Ruleset.Clarified rules interactions and Model Actions.- Upgrade Your Models / Customize Your Crew.That's right, keep your favorite model fresh and competitive for years to come.- New Masters.From the current Henchmen getting promoted, to fresh faces like Tara, the Herald of Obliteration!- Gremlins a FactionYou bet!- Easier to Read Card Format.Every model updated to a new, easier to read format. No more searching through the books. The cards are standard sized as well, making them easy to sleeve for dry erasing.- Story Moves Forward.Find out what happens to your favorite characters, see the new alliances formed, and discover new Tyrants!-FAQ.For those of you who never got enough of the rules-love, we'll be moving to an FAQ system updated on a set schedule! No more searching the forums for rulings.
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