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The Trombone Virtuoso Method Book / Schule für Posaunen-Virtuosen

Preisvergleich Produktbild The Trombone Virtuoso Method Book / Schule für Posaunen-Virtuosen
Ausgabe: Englisch

Simone Mantia's "Trombone Virtuoso" was one of the most important method books for the instrument in the mid 20th Century. Many major Trombonists used this book as young artists, finding it added greatly to their progress on the instrument. Mantia's method book covers all clefs, keys and techniques necessary for a sound footing on the Trombone. Although some of the styles in the book may seem dated, they were in vogue at the time.

Mantia performed with the Metropolitan Opera Company for many years and was for quite a while, its Personnel Manager, coming across hundreds of top instrumentalists who migrated and lived in New York City. As a young performer, he was also a leading soloist with the Sousa band and toured with it throughout North America.

Cherry Classics is proud to present this work in its original format as the first publication in our "Vintage Brass Series". We will be adding more to this series in the future. If you have a favorite method or solo that is out of print, submit your idea to us for consideration.

This 128 page book is coil bound for easy page turning.
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