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2 pcs H7 XENON HALOGEN BULB 5000K Car Super Xenon Warm White Bulbs 12V 55W

Preisvergleich Produktbild 2 pcs H7 XENON HALOGEN BULB 5000K Car Super Xenon Warm White Bulbs 12V 55W

Low power consumption and energy saving.
Light weight, long lasting.
Advanced Xenon technology for high performance.
Better reflections from road signs.
Enable the headlight looks like that of luxury cars.

Easy installation, plug and play.
Spuper bright, can be use in many occasions.
Suitable for most cars.

So... H7
Light source: Xenon
Wattage: 55W
Power: 12V
Emitting light: Warm white
Base Material: Stainless Steel
Certification: E-mark
Color temperature: 5000K
Longer Life: Up to 60000 Hours
External / interior: Outdoor Lights
For automobile lamp: Lighthouses
Size: 6cm x 3.5cm(LxD)
Product Color: silver & blue
Light color: Warm white

Package includes:
2 x H7 Xenon Halogen Car Bulbs

For the safety of your eyes, please don't look directly at the bulb within one meter.
Vehicles equipped with factory xenon hid system will use different bulb size. Please refer to your owners manual or search online for correct fitment.

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