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Wenwenzui-DE Multimeter Messleitungsdraht Universal-Messgerät Multimeter Test-Clips LA04021

von Wenwenzui-DE
Preisvergleich Produktbild Wenwenzui-DE Multimeter Messleitungsdraht Universal-Messgerät Multimeter Test-Clips LA04021

Wenwenzui is an online outdoor goods company, we have sold items related to all the outdoor goods, and we truly love what we do. Starting out as a small family business, our customers have enabled us to grow over the years. To meet a growing demand, we've built a team of sports enthusiasts who are equally passionate about our industry. Together, we strive to provide the best products directly to you while staying fun, fashionable and affordable.

Features: This test cable adopts of high quality material, with long serving life. Easy connect to universal digital multimeter standard jack. Perfect for testing electrical wiring circuits, it will brings a lot of convenience for your electronic work This multi meter test lead probe features high sensitivity and high reliability. Electronic tool equipment Smart-family, repair tools for the Smart family, General electronic components . Description: This anemometer is portable and useful which can measuring wind speed and temperature, it also can show you wind scale and indicate windchill. LCD display with backlight, it is easy to read value at night. Specifications: Model: LA04021 Cable Length: 90cm / 34.64in Probe diameter: 2mm / 0.08in Connector: 4mm / 0.16in Package information: Package Size: 24 * 10 * 3cm / 10.6 * 3.9 * 1.18in Package Weight: 78g /2.75oz General box package Package List: 1 x Multimeter Test Lead
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