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VICKY-HOHO Grip Anti Slip Pads Kitchen Car Holder Super Easy Gripping Pad 10 Pcs

Preisvergleich Produktbild VICKY-HOHO Grip Anti Slip Pads Kitchen Car Holder Super Easy Gripping Pad 10 Pcs

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Grip Anti Slip Pads Kitchen Car Holder Super Easy Gripping Pad 10 Pcs


New design Gift: PU Gel Pad Sticker

Washable and Reusable

Not leave any residue on Surface

Can be easily removed without damaging anything

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Removable double sided super grip!

Easily Mount Any Object, Anywhere, Just Peel, Stick and Grip!

Keeps in the place, Till you remove it

Double Sided Grip Pads-So Strong Holds up to 5lbs!

Perfect for the Kitchen, Car and More!

Holds it all: Eyeglasses, Ez Pass/Cell Phone, Hooks, iPad in Kitchen, Tools, Memo Pads on Fridge,

Hold Down Rugs, Bath Accessories

Pads will hang and hold objects anywhere in just a matter of seconds.

The Hanging Pads are also reusable and Washable.

Simply rinse and they are ready to use again - up to 1, 000 times!

The Pad works on metal and tile to keeps things handy, and sticks on wood and glass like nothing else can.

Keep all your remotes handy to create more table space, or use it to keep that door mat in place.

Super Pads are quite similar to other products that are available to hang things around the house.

With pad , you can hang objects on any surface, including wood, tile, brick, and many more.

Size60 x 75mm

How Do I Use Super Pad

1.) Super pad are super easy to use and make hanging any object much easier.

2.) Simply peel off the backing from the Pad and stick, and pads will hold the object tight.

If you don't like it simply remove and reposition.

They also come off as easily as they go on leaving no stick o
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