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Denshine Ultrasonic Anti Cellulite Body Slimming Ultraschall Massagegerät Abnehmen gerät

Preisvergleich Produktbild Denshine Ultrasonic Anti Cellulite Body Slimming Ultraschall Massagegerät Abnehmen gerät


Max power: 8 W(P: max400 mw/cm²)
Frequency: 1 M Hz±10
Power supply: AC100-240/50Hz-60Hz~DC24V/750Ma
Weight: 494g
Package weight: 516g
Package includes:Ultrasound Therapy device×1
Power adapter×1

To reduce risks to injury to persons!

Don't use for people who don't feel well., not for wound, body area with skin disease.
Don't use for people suffering from high blood pressure.
Don't use it to stroke the chest of patients with heart disease.Don't use it for stroking abdomen of pregnant women.
Don't use it for persons under age of 16.
Don't target it to eyeballs and face of people.
Don't use it to stroke your body forcefully in case of hurting your skin. Stroke your body gently. The effect of ultrasound is the same.
Keep moving the probe of the machine while touching your skin. Don't stay at the same part for more than 3 seconds. If the probe is overheated and the skin feels heat, the degree of ultrasonic power should be decreased.
10 minutes interval is recommended between repeating message cycles to prevent damage to the unit and allow for the cooling off the precision head probe.
Before or after using the probe, it should be cleaned and sterilize and in good sanitation condition.
Don't use this unit when sleeping or drowsy.Unplug the unit after use.Don't disassemble the unit except for the authorized technician.
Don't hit the probe to avoid damage of the instrument.
While running it, don't contact the probe with metal objects to avoid damage the probe.
Don't immerse the unit into water to avoid electric shock.
Keep the unit and the cord away heated surface, and place it on the dry and level surface.

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