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Falamka Silber Weiß Lange Cosplay Perücke Unisex Perücke (silberweiß gerade)

Preisvergleich Produktbild Falamka Silber Weiß Lange Cosplay Perücke Unisex Perücke (silberweiß gerade)

About Falamka Products:

1.High Quality Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber, Falamka Rufuses Cheap Quality Products

2.You will be amazed by the quality. Wearing it, it can bring you confidence.

3.Falamka Brnad Wigs are both natural looking and soft touch. You can wear it for parties as well as for daily use.

4.Falamka brand Wigs fit adults and over 5 years old kids, because of the adjustable elastic band with hook inside, you can adjust it according to your need.

5.This product can help you make a perfect looking for Halloween, concerts, theme parties, wedding, dating and any other occasions.

About Wearing a Wig:

1. Take wig out from the package, To Shake it lightly to release the default style

2. Wrap your own hair tightly into the wig cap we prepare for you

3. When Put on a wig cap on your head, Please push all strands of your own hair that are on the side, the back, and front of your head, to create a smooth surface

4. Comb the wig gently, and pull the adjustable straps to accommodate your head size

5. Hold the top and bottom part of the wig and pull it from the front of the head, then pull it back gently, adjust the wig to cover the cap and to fit perfectly around your head

About Wig Care:

1.Not to spray gel water and wax on the wig, which will cause the wig oily.

2.Don't use hair pin for fear that it would damage the net.

3.Be gentle and patient when combing wigs.And long wigs should be combed from up to down.

4.After Finishing using, put it back to the box or Package.

Warm Tips

Wig Storage: The best way is putting a wig on a stand or store it in a hair net and plastic bag. Please note wigs should be placed in a cool dry space

All synthetic hair wigs are subject to a little bit of shedding and Tanglings

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