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FIXODENT Denture Adhsv Plus 0%, 18 g

von Fixodent
Preisvergleich Produktbild FIXODENT Denture Adhsv Plus 0%,  18 g
Denture adhesives can improve the hold and feel of your dentures. They can help prevent slipping when you eat speak, and help you feel confident that your dentures won't be noticeable to others. Use Fixodent Plus 0% denture adhesive every day for a natural feeling in the mouth .Its unique formula has: 0% flavor, 0% colorants and no added zinc. Also, its very thin precision nozzle helps form a seal along the edge of the denture to prevent the infiltration of food particles, like seeds and nuts. Fixodent denture adhesives come in several easy-to-use varieties, giving you a long, strong hold that lets you enjoy life without limitations. 13 hours hold, zero after taste Fixodent's best natural mouth feeling with 0% colorant and 0% flavor. Strong hold - keeps dentures securely in place throughout the day. Improved comfort - cushions between gums and dentures for a snug and comfortable fit. Prevents Gum Irritation and soreness Neutral Flavor 13 hours hold, zero after tasteTry also Oral-B Pro-Expert Multi Protection Rinse to rinse your mouth before inserting dentures.
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