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Detergente Intimo Fresh 200 ml

von Lactacyd
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Lactacyd® Femina Daily Protective Wash is a unique new soap free daily cleanser. It refreshes and helps protect your external vagina area. Used as part of your normal daily washing, its light, soothing consistency will not just cleanse, it will also help you stay fresh and free of discomfort. Your vagina produces lactic acid naturally, it helps maintain your natural pH balance, providing a defence against irritations, itching, soreness and infection. But this delicate balance can be broken down by many factors including bubble baths, soap, deodorants, tight clothing, sex, periods, anxiety, and even too much washing. Now Lactacyd® Femina Daily Protective Wash, which contains lactic acid, brings you natural protection from sources of intimate irritation. The pH of your intimate area is naturally acidic (between 3.5 and 5.5) Regular soaps/liquid soaps can be aggressive because of their higher pH which can disturb the fragile natural balance of this area and thus lead to unpleasant symptoms appearing. Many other factors can also disturb the natural balance in your intimate area: menstruation, pregnancy, menopause oral contraception, antibiotics sperm diabetes tampons, pantyliners, synthetic underwear, tight clothing... This is why vaginal infections are very prevalent all over the world and it is necessary to preserve the natural balance. Lactacyd® contains natural active ingredients (milk extracts), e.g. lactic acid, which is produced naturally by your body to protect your intimate area. Very convenient for daily use, Lactacyd®: ensures gentle and effective cleansing protects you against irritations, burning sensations and mal odours gives you a long-lasting sensation of cleanliness and freshness.
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