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Men'S Wine Bottles Glasses And Grapes Novelty Necktie Tie

von Hart.M
Preisvergleich Produktbild Men'S Wine Bottles Glasses And Grapes Novelty Necktie Tie
QUALITY MEETS AFFORDABILITY: Looking your best shouldn't break the bank, and Hart.M is here to help with high-quality skinny ties for an affordable price.
SIZE: Approx. 143-145cm Long, 8cm Wide at the tip. These ties will fit most adults and can be worn on men as tall as 6'10" when using a single or four-in-hand knot with the tail end of the tie shorter.
MATERIAL: Handmade from high-quality imported fabrics. These ties have quality that you can feel. You will not be disappointed by the fabrics we use on all of our ties.
OCCASION: Perfect for Weddings, Dances, Missionaries.
CARE: Dry clean only. If cared for properly, our handmade ties can last a long time. Never place ties in washer or dryer as this will ruin the fabric and damage the sewing of the tie.
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